2019/20 Board Members

President -Ron Litzenberger, with Kathy


Vice President - Howard Standage


Membership -Shirley and Elwood Rake


Treasurer - Keith and Virginia Ougden


Secretary - Clarice and Joe Chism


Music chair - Bud Reed and Pat Berg


Food chair - Paulette Barnard


Decorations - Kathy Litzenberger

See photo with husband Ron, above.

Décor assistant - Dana Allen


Member at large - Anne and Dean Vig


Member at large - Tom and Lee Feluk


Moonlight Serenade Dance Club Bylaws



The name of the club is MOONLIGHT SERENADE DANCE CLUB (the "Club").

Purpose of the Club

The purpose of the Club is to provide social formal dance evenings for its members, who are friends and neighbors of Leisure World.  A percentage of members and guests may reside outside Leisure World as designated by Leisure World policy.

Objectives of the Club

To provide formal dinner dances with appropriate music, food and ambiance.  Guests may be invited. The Club holds four dances per season. They are customarily held in November, January, February and March.


1. The Club is a non-profit, financially self-supporting organization.
2. The Club's fiscal year is from July 1st to June 30th.
3. Form 990-N is filed annually with IRS.
4. Club revenues consist of membership dues, and guest reservations.
5. Club expenses consist of dance costs (including food and beverages, Leisure World charges for set up and tear down, decorations and music), miscellaneous costs (such as printing and stationery), and other expenses approved by the Board.
6. The Board is authorized to carry over sufficient funds from year to year, as it deems appropriate and necessary for the continued operation of the Club.
7. At the February meeting the Board will appoint a person to review the Clubs financial records; a report will be presented at the March meeting.
8. In the event it becomes apparent that the Club is unable to continue operating, then after liquidation of all assets and payment of legitimate contracts and expenses, all assets remaining are to be distributed to the Leisure World Foundation.

Membership & Dues

1. Membership shall be a maximum of 130 couples as determined by each Board.  Should any Board decide to decrease the membership, it shall be done only by normal attrition.
2. The roster of the club shall be delivered to each member at the January dance. The roster will include;
• Members names, manor numbers if applicable, phone number 
• Dates of dances, themes and orchestras
• Club and Privacy Policies
• Dress code
• List of Board Members
• Website and  Email addresses
• President’s Remarks
3. New members of the club will receive a copy of the roster and bylaws at the earliest opportunity.
4. Membership may be obtained by making application to the Membership Chairperson.
5. Membership applications are normally accepted before the dance season (November to March) begins.  In the event that there is a waiting list new couples will be invited chronologically from the dated waiting list held by the Membership Chairperson.
6. The Board may accept applications after the season has started. New couples who join the Club after the first dinner dance will pay a prorated amount for the remaining season.
7. Annual dues are established by the Board based on membership, the cost of meals, music, decorations and general Club expenses.
8. Club Membership is renewed annually and dues are payable in March for the following dance year. 
9. No refund of dues will be made except for the following reasons.
• Illness, death or relocation.
 A prorated portion of the unused membership fee will be refunded.



1. The Club shall be administered by elected Board Members. The Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Music, Food and Decoration chairs. The Board may also include two Members At Large.
2. The Board may appoint an Advisory Committee, comprised of the two immediate past presidents who are members in good standing, to advise on matters deemed to be of significant importance to the well-being of the Club as determined by the Board.


Duties of Elected Officers

The President shall:
1. Chair all meetings of the Board.
2. Efile Form 990-N with the IRS after the end of the Club’s fiscal year on June 30. The Club’s deadline for filing is Nov. 15.
3. Serve as the official spokesperson for the Club in all Communications.
4. Serve as an ex-officio member of committees as he/she chooses.
5. Meet new Club members and guests along with other members of the Board, at the earliest opportunity to do so.
6. Prepare annual roster for distribution to members at January dance.
7. Appoint a historian, photographer or other such persons deemed necessary to preserve MSDC history and memorabilia.
8. Perform such other duties as may be required.

The Vice-President shall:
1. Preside at meetings in the absence, or at the request, of the President.
2. Perform such other duties as may be required.

 The Treasurer shall:
1. Maintain the Club's financial records.
2. Prepare a budget for the year for approval by the Board at the March Meeting.
3. Receive funds and make disbursements as necessary for the operation of the Club.
4. Prepare revenue and expense summaries of all dances, and submit them to the Board.
5. Perform such other duties as may be required.
The Secretary shall:
1. Maintain the Club's minutes, files, documents and records as determined by the Board as essential in the operation of the Club.
2. Maintain the most recent version of the Club's bylaws.
3. Write and submit news items for the Leisure World Newspaper
4. Letter writing when requested by the Board.
5. Send all occasion cards when requested by the Board.
6. Perform such other duties as may be required.

The Membership Chairperson shall:
1. Maintain Membership List.
2. Send notice requesting attendance and food choice confirmations about 21 days in advance of each dance.
3. Make seating arrangements and prepare seating charts.
4. Provide permanent name tags for new members and temporary name tags for guests.
5. Check-in members and guests at each dance. Chairperson can ask for assistance with any of the above responsibilities.
6. Report to the President any prolonged absences of members.
7. Perform such other duties as may be required.

Music Chairperson shall:
1. Within Board approved budget constraints select appropriate orchestras for each dance.
2. Book Orchestras as soon as possible after dance dates for the next season are assigned to the Club by the Leisure World Recreation Department.
3. Secure signed contracts, properly executed by all parties involved.
4. Secure payment from the Treasurer and deliver payment to the orchestra or band on the evening of the dance.
5. Perform such other duties as may be required.

The Food Chairperson shall:
1. Within Board approved budget constraints, select the caterer.
2. Make menu arrangements, selection and negotiate the total cost for each dance.
3. Catering costs should be determined before the February Board meeting for the next season and the caterer should be booked before the end of April.
4. Secure signed contracts, properly executed by all parties involved.
5. Make final table arrangements and ensure that all the necessary accouterments (ice, cups, glasses etc.,) are provided.
6. Perform such other duties as may be required.

The Decorating Chairperson shall:
1. Select a theme for each dance
2. Oversee planning arrangements, decorations and ambiance for each dance.
3. Order linens for each dance.
4. Request assistance with any of the above responsibilities.
5. Perform such other duties as may be required.

Members At Large shall:
 Assist in the operation of the Club.

All board members are encouraged to help decorate before each dance and assist with the removal of decorations after each dance.


1. The term of office is deemed to be two years.
2. Board members may serve multiple terms.
3. Nominations for Board positions shall be submitted by a Nominating Committee.
4. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Vice President plus two Board member couples. 
5. Nomination and selection process will start in January.  The Nominating Committee will present the slate of nominees to the current Board at the February Board Meeting. The new Board will be introduced at the March Dance.
6. Majority vote shall be necessary to elect. 
7. If the office of President is vacant, the Vice-President shall become President.
8. The Nominating Committee will reconvene to select a member in good standing to fill vacancies for election at the next Board meeting.
9. If there are no candidates for Board positions the President shall request that the existing Board remain for an extension of one year, during which time candidates for Board positions must be actively sought.


Meetings and Quorums

1. Board Meetings shall be held approximately one week before each dance at a time and place determined by the President.
2. The President may call a Special General Meeting of the Board at any time, provided that notice has been given to Board members at least two weeks prior to the meeting.
3. For purposes of conducting business at Monthly or Special Board Meetings, a quorum shall consist of the President and four Board Members.
4. Voting is restricted to one vote for each Board position.



1. These bylaws may be amended at any Monthly or Special General Meeting of the Board.
2. Proposed amendments to these bylaws must be made in writing to the President, who will circulate them to Board members at least one week prior to a Monthly or Special General Meeting.


Privacy Policy



1. To ensure the collection, retention and use of members’ personal information meets current State and Federal Laws.
2. Any printed and or digital record of a member shall be kept confidential to MSDC members and only used for the operations of the MSDC.
3. Request the consent of members to use names, photographs etc. for purposes beyond MSDC.

Collection, Retention and Destruction:

1. All member information gathered for the use by MSDC will include the individual names, addresses, zip/postal code, telephone number and email addresses.
1. All information is stored in a confidential manner by the President and Membership Chairperson.
2. Personal information is destroyed by the President in a confidential manner, once the member ceases to become a MSDC member.

Use of information:

1. Individual names, manor number and phone numbers are entered in the member roster. The purpose is to allow the members contact information to be used as required.
2. Any images taken must be used only within the MSDC’s membership, website or newsletter.
3. A mass email to MSDC members for events/information other than MSDC activities/business is discouraged.
4. Permission is required on an individual basis to allow for any identifying information to be released for promotion/advertisement purposes.
5. The use of member images or information on Face book or other social media is not allowed.


1. Moonlight Serenade Dance Club’s Website was set up in 2014. The site is maintained by a webmaster. The webmaster is a member of MSDC and is appointed by the Board.   http://moonlightserenade.yolasite.com

MSDC Policies



1. Members bringing guests (non members) to MSDC functions will pay non member prices for the reservations.
2. In the event a guest is single, half of a non member reservation price will apply.
3. All reservations are prepaid with no refunds. Reservations/seats may be resold by members and guests where possible to members/guests on the waiting list.


1. The membership dues for 2015 - 2016 are $215/couple.
2. Guest reservations for 2015 – 2016 per dance is $70/couple or $35.00/single
3. New couples who join MSDC after the first dinner dance will pay a prorated amount for the remaining season.

It is important that members confirm with the Membership Chairperson their attendance or non-attendance at least seven days prior to each dinner dance. Members who are unable to attend may sell their seats; however it is the responsibility of the member to inform the Membership Chairperson of the replacement person / couple’s names and forward entree choice.


Each couple will have the option of sitting at a table with one other couple of their choice at the November dance, two other couples at the January dance, and three other couples at the February and March dances.  If they want to do this, they must ensure that everyone is in agreement and then give their names and entree choices to the membership chairman.


1. The MSDC Policy and Privacy Policy may be updated or amended at any Monthly or Special General Meeting of the Board.
2. Members will be notified of changes.

The history of Moonlight Serenade, contributed by Pat Qually.

The Moonlight Serenade Dance Club was formed in 1999 by a small group of people who had a common interest in dancing.   At that time, Leisure World had two other formal dance clubs, the Century Club and the Stardusters, which were full and not accepting new members.

Over a six month period, the committee spent many hours organizing Moonlight Serenade.   The board's goal was not only to have Moonlight Serenade be the best dance club in Leisure World but to start out as the best dance club in Leisure World.

From the inaugural "Charter Members Ball" on November 15th, 1999 to the last dance of the season in March 2000, "On The Road Again", members had a great time and got more than their money's worth.   Mel Eidsmoe and his Bubble Machine played at the inaugural ball; Myron Sommerfeld played for the February dance.

The 1999 - 2000 booklet and dance season were dedicated to Dottie Patterson, who started it all, was club advisor and dance teacher to many of the members, and who recruited committee members, volunteers and club members.   She gave encouragement and the occasional gentle nudge to make the Moonlight Serenade Dance Club a reality.   One hundred and eight couples were members during the charter season with 34 couples on the waiting list.

Moonlight Serenade is now in its 17th season and the only surviving formal Dance Club in Leisure World.   At the time of writing (December 2015) our membership stands at 106 couples, which includes 14 Charter Members (see following article). 


Active Charter Members honored.

To a richly deserved round of applause our 14 Active Charter Members were honored by President George Flaskerud at our January 2016 "African Adventure".  Active Charter Members are those who have been members since the club started in 1999.   George thanked board member Pat Qually for suggesting the idea and for following up with the necessary research.    Later in the evening a formal photograph of the honorees was taken by club member Tom Feluk.   They are:

Back row: (l to r): Anne and Joe Rowbotham, Marie and Don Murphy, Frank Rutledge, Bill Cline, Dorothy Daley (passed away, 2019. Dorothy's smile is sorely missed.)

Front row (l to r): Phyllis and Michael Hallatt, Delford Benson, Arne Bongart, Sue Rutledge,Nancy Cline, Maxine Griffith (passed away; a valued charter member.  We shall miss her support and loyalty to the end.)

The board thanks club member Tom Feluk for taking the above photograph.

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