Welcome to Moonlight Serenade and our 21st Successful Season!

This is the schedule for our 21st season, 2019/2020.

Please note: Dues are unchanged!

($240 membership per couple, $78 guest couple.)

Saturday November 16th 2019 - Myron Sommerfeld Orchestra (Decoration theme tba)

Thursday January 23rd 2020 - Lonny Lynn Orchestra (Decoration theme tba)

Thursday February 20th 2020 - Howard Schneider Big Band (Decoration theme tba)

Saturday March 21st 2020 - Danny Kealey Orchestra (Decoration theme tba)

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Great music, food, dancing and atmosphere!

Moonlight Serenade Dance Club is a non-profit organization based in Mesa, Arizona.      We present four dinner dances each winter - in November, January, February and March.     
The events are held in the main ballroom of Leisure World in Mesa, Arizona.    This is a modern, well-equipped venue with an excellent dance floor.      Attendance is limited to a maximum of 35 tables of 8 to ensure ample space for dancing.
Each winter four top bands are engaged to play music from the big band era (plus a few extras!) for your dancing pleasure.    
A salad, dinner roll, a choice of two entrees, a dessert and coffee are served to your table at each event.    Complimentary sodas are provided.     You are welcome to bring your own wines or spirits for the evening.     
Not a dancer?    No problem!    Many of our members just come to enjoy the music, the meal and ambience.
Each event has a theme, and our decorations team perform magic to transform the ballroom into a mediaeval palace, an African jungle, a sun-kissed Hawaiian beach....     Their imagination has no limit!     You can see some of their achievements in the photo gallery below.
To ensure a suitable ambience we have a dress code - tux or coat and tie for men, cocktail or long dress for ladies.      
For each event doors open at 5 p.m.      Your table number is assigned beforehand.     Dancing starts at 5:30 and breaks at 6:30 for dinner.     Dancing continues from 7:30 to close at 9:30.
Please note that this is not a singles club, although single guests are very welcome.
Membership and guest fees for season 2019/2020 are unchanged as follows:

Membership for a COUPLE is just $240 for the four events ($120 per person).  For new members there is a one-time charge of $16 for two membership badges.

Guest couples are most welcome to attend any dance at $78 ($39 per person), this includes a temporary name badge.    Guest couples who subsequently join the club in the same season will receive a refund of their $18 guest fee(s).

Please note: All reservations are prepaid with no refunds.   However reservations may be resold by members and guests.  

For membership, guest reservations or  any questions please contact us here.

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News: Nairobi Safari review

March 2019

Our last event of the season was attended by an enthusiastic crowd of 256 members and guests. The Danny Kealey orchestra helped out by playing an extended set when meal service was delayed after the caterers discovered that the ovens in the kitchen were not working. The caterers pulled out all the stops and moved their operation to Rec 1, a magnificent effort.

As always, the DK Orchestra played lively music and many attendees were still dancing to the end!

During the break, President Ron Litzenberger thanked outgoing board members Michael Sheridan (VP) and Joe Quinn (Music) for their service to the board. Ron then introduced new board members Ed and Sharleen Martin (VP), Bud Reed and Pat Berg (Music), and Tom and Lee Feluk (our second members at large, Dean and Anne Vig being the other.) 

News: Year of the Pig review

February 2019

The rain teemed down all day, and despite the hopes of the board members for a dry evening, the rain just kept falling from the sky! Nonetheless, all but a few of those with reservations battled through the elements, and finally over 250 people were well-rewarded for making the effort. The Howard Schneider Big Band played a great selection of music that kept the dance floor busy to the end. The meal with a choice of prime rib or salmon, was rounded off with a chocolate dessert to die for!

Business cards with the dates for next season's events were left at each person's table spot, and at the break, President Ron Litzenberger announced that the member and guest fees for next season will be unchanged at $240 membership per couple, or $78 per guest couple for any one event. 

News: Carnival Night review

January 2019

Well, the Lonny Lynn orchestra certainly draws the crowds! We had to close reservations, it seemed that half the East Valley wanted to attend! A joint-record attendance of 282 thoroughly enjoyed the evening, with the atmosphere being set by the splendid efforts of the decorations team. Lonny's orchestra was on top form, playing a number of requests along with an excellent selection of big band music with some Latin thrown in for good measure.

Once again the caterers did a splendid job of serving the swordfish or beef entrees in record time. How do they do it?  

President Ron Litzenberger announced that this 2018/2019 season is the 20th for the club. Commemorative pens were distributed to all who attended. To applause, Ron also recognized 11 members who had attended the very first season 19 years ago, quite an achievement!

News: Harvest Moon review

November 2018

Almost setting a record attendance for November, 230 people participated in the first dinner-dance of the season, and the Myron Sommerfeld Orchestra provided an excellent evening of music.

Many of those attending were very complimentary about the meal and service provided by Premier Catering. To serve 230 meals in the time allowed is quite a feat!

The decorations featured a huge moon behind the band and autumn leaves falling everywhere...

News: 2018/2019 Dues announced

February 2018

At February's dance ("Chinese New Year of the Dog"), President Ron Litzenberger introduced revised fees for next season - 2018/2019. The current dues, at $215 for member couples and $70 for guest couples, have been in place for 3 seasons. In the face of unavoidable increased expenses, and to maintain the unique ambience of the events, the board has decided that to remain financially sound the dues for 2018/2019 will be $240 for membership and $78 for guests.

The board thanks members and guests for their continuing support.

News: Chinese New Year of the Dog review

February 2018

The Howard Schneider Big Band royally entertained the 262 members and guests who attended our February event. As usual, our decorations team set the perfect ambience with over 60 tasseled Chinese lanterns, wall hangings and a friendly doggie above the band on stage. Tables were decorated with centerpieces of elegant flower arrangements set upon luxurious golden fabric topped with black lace.

A silent warrior from the Terra Cotta army stood guard to prevent any stage invasions! Take a look at the photo gallery for some pictures.

News: One Night in Paris review

January 2018

The Lonny Lynn Orchestra began the evening at 5:30 sharp with a lovely rendition of "The Poor People of Paris", and went on to play one of the best evening's music we've had.

The hot-air ballons soared over the 271 members and guests in attendance who were wowed by the decorations - the stars twinkled, the Eiffel Tower "towered"...

... the Moulin Rouge windmilled...

... and the can-can girls "could-could"! Ooh la la!

News: Renaissance Masquerade Ball review

March 2017

Our final dance of the season ended in style with many dancers sporting masks in keeping with the splendid decorations that evoked a romantic castle.   

After three very successful years, club President George Flaskerud has stepped down.    He and Kristi were on vacation and President-elect Ron Litzenberger took the podium.  

Ron introduced next year's board to the members, highlighting new board members Dana Allen (Decorations assistant) and Michael Sheridan (vice president).  The Danny Kealey Orchestra played a lot of very lively music that energized the dance floor.

Instead of simply wearing masks one couple really got into the spirit of the theme.   Here are Henri and Jan Verwayen emulating Hollywood swashbuckling characters!

News: 2017/2018 season dues - unchanged

February 2017.   

At our Chinese New Year dance the club's President, George Flaskerud, announced that membership dues and guest fees for next season will remain unchanged, and for the third year running will be $215 per couple and $70 per couple respectively.

News: "Chinese New Year - Rooster" review

February 2017.   

Our third dance of the 2016/17 season was attended by 235 members and guests.   Our decorations queen, Kathy Litzenberger, was on vacation.  Virginia Ougden and Dana Standage stepped in and were well-briefed by Kathy!    Somehow the team managed to acquire almost enough model roosters for each table to have one as a centerpiece.

The board thanks Red Rooster Consignment Furniture for the loan of 6 magnificent roosters!    The store is located at 5959 E. Southern Ave., Mesa, 85206; phone (480) 832-9404.

The Howard Schneider Orchestra were really on form and kept the dance floor busy to the very end of the most enjoyable evening.

As usual our catering chairperson, Sandi Schneider (no relation), thanked the caterer's for their service and for the tasty meals.

Member John Draper sported an excellent rooster....

News: "Under The Sea" review

January 2017.   

Our second dance of the 2016/17 season was attended by 265 members and guests.   The ballroom was splendidly decorated to give an impression of life under the ocean waves.    The bubble effect from the hundreds of small balloons was most original and impressive.     The Lonny Lynn Orchestra once again played favorite tunes for the enthusiastic dancers, and their blue jackets fitted the theme perfectly!   The photo gallery contains some pictures from the evening.

News: "Autumn Splendor" review

November 2016.   

Our first dance of the 2016/17 season was attended by 239 members and guests.   This is the largest attendance for the November dance since at least 2012!    The crowd were entertained by excellent music from the Myron Sommerfeld Orchestra.   The venue was splendidly decorated with autumn leaves, hanging branches, sunflowers, owls and over 40 pumpkins!    The sumptuous arbor was the backdrop for many photos.

Thanks to Kathy Litzenberger for the theme and to all who helped with the set-up and tear down.

Club President, George Flaskerud, asked for those interested in joining the board or helping with decorating to complete a small response form.   A number were returned - thank you.

A number of people embellished their attire with autumnal themes - for example John and Betty Draper...

News: The Quallys leave Mesa...

April 2016.   

Pat and Keith Qually are Canadians who have "snow-birded" in Mesa for many years.   They have been long-standing members of Moonlight Serenade and have been on the current board for many years, firstly as "member at large" and then "Decorations".   Pat and Keith have decided to snow-bird in Florida from next winter and have therefore had to resign from the MSDCboard.

The remaining board members thank the Quallys for their many years of service.   Among their many accomplishments are "The History Of The Club" (see above), a complete rework of the Club's bylaws and policies, research into Charter Members, and many others.   We wish them happiness and the best of luck in pursuing their new life and interests.


News: Dues for 2016/2017 season unchanged.

At our "Nuit Parisienne" dance held on Tuesday February 23rd 2016, President George Flaskerud announced that the club membership dues and guest fee for next season will remain unchanged at $215 per couple and $70 per couple respectively.


News: Charter Members honored.

At the January 2016 dance the Club's Charter Members were honored.   To see the full article go to our "About Us" page  and click "ActiveCharter Members" there.

News: African Adventure review.

Our January 2016 event with the Lonny Lynn Orchestra was attended by 263 members and guests.   The ballroom décor evoked the African jungle; ambient jungle noises and authentic African music during dinner helped set the atmosphere.   The annual booklet was distributed to members at the registration desk.

President George Flaskerud introduced the current board.    He also recognized our 14 Charter Members (see article above).   Board member Pat Qually gave a short history of the club since its founding in 1999.  A number of members embellished their attire with animal themes, but special mention goes to Betty Draper's skill in making matching outfits for herself and husband John... 


Dance Instruction

The board has researched local ballroom dance instructors.   Many dance lessons are very costly but you may be interested in the following sensibly priced experienced instructors :

Jana Moore: group classes at Sunland Village: 480-363-9997


Bill and Carol Goss: group ballroom dance classes sponsored by Leisure World.   Bill and Carol have taught in over 30 states, Canada, Japan, Australia and Europe. Classes for the 2018/19 season are as follows:

Beginning Ballroom: Country Swing, Leisure World Rec 1 Classroom, Wednesday evenings from 7-8 pm February 20, 27, March 6, 13, 20, 27. $48/person- register with the Recreation Office in Leisure World with Pene Mathison 480-832-0003 ext 234 or pmathison@lwca.com

Bill and Carol have also been for over 30 years in the top flight of instructors for International Choreographed Ballroom Dance (also known as "Round Dancing").   This type of dancing covers all ballroom rhythms (plus many more) and requires couples to dance according to instructions issued from a "Cuer" who will say what figures are to be performed as the music plays. Classes for the 2018/19 season are as follows:

Phase V-VI Round Dancing: Leisure World Rec 2 ballroom, Friday mornings 10 am- 12 pm from February 1 - March 29 $6/person, pay at the door.  Dark: February 22.

For questions: Bill Goss at billgossjr@gmail.com, or 858-822-9981.



You may be interested to visit "dancinginmesa.com", a very informative website that lists everything going on in the dance world in Mesa.   See here.


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